Liquid Rubber flat roof waterproofing solutions In Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire

Throughout my many years of experience in this industry I have been met with some of the most complex flat roofs, where physically laying membranes is impossible, as there are so many vulnerable points for water ingress.

The new concept of EPDM liquid rubber solutions solves that issue entirely. We offer a wide range of fully guaranteed Liquid Rubber Membrane solutions which have a 50 year life expectancy and guarantee.

Why liquid rubber?

Seamless protection: Meaning no joints or seams that act as Vulnerabilities to the elements.

Versatile coatings: Were able to carry out the most complex Roofs with a liquid coating.

Great adhesion to almost any surface, and can be combined with Primers on porous surfaces if necessary.

10-25 Year Guarantees with a life expectancy of over 50 years.

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Our Liquid Waterproofing is Perfect For:

Commercial & Residential Gutter linings: Our Liquid Gutter System – Liquid Gutter is designed to drastically enhance the life of your tired old gutters with a reinforced one coat system, as well as being 100% waterproof this system is UV resistant, seamless, resistant to oils, dilute acids and alkalis. Depending on the system required all works are guaranteed for 10-15 Years!

Commercial Flat roofing: Our Commercial Flat Roof Waterproofing – Large and small complex flat roof areas riddled with roof penetrations and skylights that have caused years of maintenance costs, this solution is the most cost effective flat roof system if it is not potentially viable to strip off large areas of existing roof coverings as all main areas are cleaned and prepared, all joints, cracks, roof penetrations and up-stands are reinforced, primed and the top coat is laid. This system will keep the water out and comes with full 10-20 Year Guarantee!

Residential Flat Roofing (Complex Roofs) Complex Flat Roofing (New or Old) – Always had ongoing issues with your flat roof, this is normally either in your Orangery where there is limited roof space to work with to guarantee 100% water tightness where access is limited or roofs which are riddles with roof penetrations and skylights. We have it covered with complete piece of mind and full 10-20 Year Guarantees.

Common Substrates we cover:

  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Asphalt
  • Bituminous surfaces
  • Lead
  • Single Ply
  • Concrete

And many more! Get in touch today for your free survey and quotation. We can even supply CLEAR moisture curing Rubbers for those problematic Glass Facade’s and Skylights with limited access!

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